Zouel Kimata collection

The absolute coupling of gold and sparkle


As calm as the Mediterranean sea,
but as devastating as it becomes.
A line that elevates the
multidimensional soul of women.


Rocks are record of events
that took place at the time they formed,
keeping in them memories and strong feelings
The glamour of the earthy beauty.


Be the pebble in the pond
that creates the ripples for change.
The unique elegance of gold and diamonds


Olive is the richest gift of heaven
and symbol of peace.
For the women who don’t afraid
to choose peace over their power.
The natural beauty.


Inspired of the Cretan land , 14K yellow gold sculpted to show the glamour of the earthly beauty.


Gems have life in them,
their color speak, say what
words fail of.
The iridescent sparkle of feminity.